Golf Techniques

The game of golf can be described as a precision club and ball sport. Here the players competing with each other use several types of clubs to hit the balls into a series of holes that are present in a golf course using the fewest strokes possible. This game has to be played in a golf course with eighteen or nineteen holes.

The golf competition is usually played for the least number of strokes by a player and it is called stroke play. Or the minimum score on the individual holes in a complete round by a single player or a team and it is referred to as match play.

Each round of golf comprise of eighteen holes. These are played in the order predetermined by the layout of the course. In case of a nine hole course, a standard round will consist of two consecutive nine hole rounds.


Master the techniques involved in the game of golf

If you know the role of a golfer, it will be easier for you to understand the stroke of golf. The golfer never hits the ball; he only swings the club, the impact of which strikes the ball. Golfers begin with the non-dominant part of the body facing the target. At address, the club and the body are parallel to the target line. For putters and middle irons the feet have to be placed shoulder -widt...


Perfecting Golf

If you aim at playing a perfect game of golf, then you should have the right grip, a good swing and above all your posture - the head and shoulder alignment, the club face alignment should be correct. All these collectively maximize your success rate in golf. In order to muster the basic golf techniques, you must have a pre-shot routine in which you practice the fundamentals of golf. A few compo...


Golfing Grip

A good golf grip is the basis of a perfect swing. The grip is your one and only contact with the golf club and also the golf ball ultimately. So the golf grip can be regarded as a basic golf technique. It is essential to master this grip to improve your game. The functions of the perfect grip are as follows: Golf grips are of three types: It can establish and maintain the control over the club-f...


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