Master the techniques involved in the game of golf

If you know the role of a golfer, it will be easier for you to understand the stroke of golf. The golfer never hits the ball; he only swings the club, the impact of which strikes the ball. Golfers begin with the non-dominant part of the body facing the target. At address, the club and the body are parallel to the target line. For putters and middle irons the feet have to be placed shoulder -width apart. They are narrower in case of short irons and wide in case of long irons and woods. The golfer must select a golf club, stroke and grip that are apt for the distance:

It is vital to know the techniques of playing golf. There are several DVD's available from where you can muster these techniques. The internet is full of demonstrations about golfing techniques. This is the way you can attain success in this game.

  • The drive is used to tee-off long distances on the teeing ground.
  • For long to mid distance shots the approach is used.
  • The chip is made use of for short distance shots mainly around the green. The main aim of the chip is to land the ball on the green safely.
  • For short distance, the putt is used. It aspires to get the ball in the hole.

If you are a dedicated player playing regularly, you will soon attain proficiency in the techniques of golf swing, golf grip and perfect putting. If you can complement this technique with practice, you will soon become a successful golf player.



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