Wedges, hybrids, putter, chippers

Wedges are irons having higher than nine iron which are usually lofted at about 42 degrees. Wedges are used for high altitude, short distance and high accuracy shots. These may arise while heating the ball into the green or the "approach shot", placing the ball on the fairway to get a good shot at the green or the "lay-up shot" or hitting the ball to get away from hazards on to the green or "chipping shot".

There are usually wedges of six types. The loft in their cases range from 45 degree to 64 degree. Putters are a special type of club. They have a loft not exceeding ten degrees. Chippers are an exception. Putters are designed to enable the ball to roll along the grass, usually from any point on the putting green towards the cup. It is often believed that putters have no loft. The actual position is that they do have a loft of around five degrees. The loft allows the ball to be lifted from any indentation it has made. New design of putters includes grooves on the face to allow the ball to roll. Rather than skid on impact.

A chipper is designed for low speed swings. It can lift the ball a short distance of around 25 yards on to the green. The chipper can be used in place of the pitching wedge. This club is the finishing club for a hole and used only on the greens. Golf balls are usually white and pock marked to decrease aerodynamic drag.



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