Golfing Grip

A good golf grip is the basis of a perfect swing. The grip is your one and only contact with the golf club and also the golf ball ultimately. So the golf grip can be regarded as a basic golf technique. It is essential to master this grip to improve your game.

The functions of the perfect grip are as follows:

Golf grips are of three types:

  • It can establish and maintain the control over the club-face
  • It can cock as well as uncock your wrists in the event of a golf swing.
  • It can create a link physically between your body and the golf club.
  • Your golf grip must be spontaneous and instinctive by nature.

There are few factors which determine the power of your grip in golf.

  • Interlocking grip: this is a popular grip in which the little finger interlock with the index finger.
  • Vardon grip: this is a low handicap grip in golf. The little finger rests in between the index and the second finger.
  • Baseball grip: this is the best grip for juniors. Hands to be kept side by side, this way it is easy to break the wrists and swing easily.
  • Neutral: this is the best grip. There is balanced power from both right and left hand.
  • Strong grip: the left hand is dominating here. You will observe three knuckles on your left hand. Topping or hooking
  • Strong grip-the right hand dominating: You will see three or more knuckles in your left hand. It will slice or block shots towards the right.



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