Golf Equipment

Equipment in the sport of golf comprises of a set of golf clubs required to strike the golf ball. Each club has a shaft with a grip and a club head. A standard set of golf club consists of 14 golf clubs. The typical composition of the standard set is Woods 3 or 4, Irons 7 or 8, Wedge 1 and Putter 1.

In the early days of the game, the shafts of the golf club heads were made of different types of wood. In the middle of 19thcentury, hickory wood was widely used as the shaft material. Later Persimmon came to be the main material. Club shafts are now made of steel, titanium or carbon fibers. The shaft is a tapered steel tube or a series of stepped tubes telescoped into each other. This construction improves the accuracy of the golfers. Leather or rubber is used for the grips of the clubs.


Wedges, hybrids, putter, chippers

Wedges are irons having higher than nine iron which are usually lofted at about 42 degrees. Wedges are used for high altitude, short distance and high accuracy shots. These may arise while heating the ball into the green or the "approach shot", placing the ball on the fairway to get a good shot at the green or the "lay-up shot" or hitting the ball to get away from hazards on to the green or "chi...


Golf Clubs: Irons

Irons are golf clubs have a flat angled face and a shorter shaft compared with the wood. Irons are designed for shots towards the green or from relatively more difficult locations such as the rough over or through the trees or base of hills. There are short, medium or long irons. All these have flat heads. "Wedges" are a special type of iron, heavy and shorter than other irons with a less flat f...


Constructional Features in Golf Clubs

The shaft in a golf club is a tapered tube usually made of steel or graphite. The shaft is usually 34 -48 inches in length and approximately 0.5 inches in diameter near the grip. The weight of the shaft varies from 45 -150gm depending on the length and material used. There are a number of ways to quantify. Shaft flex is the most common of them. The shaft flex is the amount of a deflection when p...


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