Perfecting Golf

If you aim at playing a perfect game of golf, then you should have the right grip, a good swing and above all your posture - the head and shoulder alignment, the club face alignment should be correct. All these collectively maximize your success rate in golf.

In order to muster the basic golf techniques, you must have a pre-shot routine in which you practice the fundamentals of golf. A few components of a pre -shot routine include: Spontaneity, Consistency and Quality shots.

Features of a pre-shot routine include:

A few directions for a good swing are mentioned below:

  • Standing behind the ball and observe the target. Then identify the line of shot to the target.
  • Mentally visualizing the shot that is about to play. And approaching the ball from the left by placing the right foot forward.
  • Setting the club -face behind the ball. Aligning the right hand square to the line where the shot is.
  • Bringing the left foot in front and parallel to the target.
  • Applying the left hand to the swing, and taking proper aim and then begining the swing. The grip has to be firm and proper.
  • The hands should be a little ahead of the ball. Feet have to kept wide apart.
  • Club should be held low to the ground.
  • Breaking - wrists must be at the top of backswing the shoulders turned 90 degrees, the right knee should be fixed during the turning of the upper body. Both the knees should be bent.



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